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Stop Debt Collector Calls, Harassment and Abuse

Contact a Consumer Protection Lawyer if:

Debt collectors harass you by calling you constantly, or debt collectors abuse you using vulgar language or threaten you.

Junk debt buyers are trying to get you to pay for a debt not owed or debts written off long ago.

You are wondering if a collection agency is obeying debt recovery laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Debt collectors are calling your work or your relatives. 

A debt relief scam promised to settle all your debt, but some debt collectors or creditors are still coming after you.

You are a victim of identity theft.

There are negative items in your credit report that aren’t yours and shouldn’t be there.

You are getting “robo calls” or messages that don’t come from a live person — that come from an annoying prerecorded voice.

You need help with debt settlement or negotiating your debt down with your creditors.

You’re being sued for unpaid bills, unpaid rent, or other debt.

If Stellar Recovery, CACH LLC, or Cavalry is bothering you.

Contact Seattle Collection Defense Lawyer, SaraEllen Hutchison, PLLC

You need caring and experienced legal help and advice to stop debt collectors, illegal collection calls, debt collection harassment and abuse.  You have rights!  There are state and federal laws that protect people in your situation – especially the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Whether you are the victim of  illegal debt collection or simply want to settle a legitimate debt, you and your family don’t need to put up with abuse, harassment, or constant stress. I can help you put a stop to these problems so that you can move on with life:

Debt collection agencies are calling me and sending me mail. I can’t pay these debts, or they aren’t mine.

There’s something on my credit report that shouldn’t be there.  I paid that off, or I’ve never heard of it.

I bought one of those insurance policies that promised to cover my loan or credit card payments if I became unable to work.  Now they’re denying my benefits and being unreasonable.

As a consumer, you have rights.  Stand up for your rights!  Together, we can work to hold debt collectors accountable so that they learn to respect you, and maybe even change the way they do business

If you are in Spokane, Seattle or anywhere in Washington State, and you are a consumer (debtor) needing legal help, call me, SaraEllen Hutchison, at 206-529-5195 or 509-252-1899.

I am a member of NACA, the National Association of Consumer Advocates.


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